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Alejandro closer to Nibali

Alejandro closer to Nibali

Tomorrow second rest day

Offensive tactics from Movistar Team drop Nibali and get things closer in the overall, with Valverde -always in 3rd- now 1’14” behind.

Tomorrow, second rest day at the Vuelta

Alejandro’s quotes (audio available below):

“I already defended myself well yesterday, but the good weather today did even better on me. Our intention was not letting the break go too far and contesting the stage win myself, but once we got three riders into the escape and saw Herrada doing very well, we let him play his chance. In the end, his rivals were stronger and sadly he couldn’t crown it. I tried to move at the start of the final part of the climb to see what happened, but there was a strong headwind and I realized it was impossible. Purito jumped and I waited for Nibali to respond, but he sit on his saddle and I chose to go on full steam to reach Horner and get as far as possible. We didn’t get the bonus seconds, but those 28 seconds are still good. Today’s stage brought some more gaps because the two stages prior to today were really hard, with cold, rain, long distances and such hard climbs. Legs are a bit stiff in those days and we profited from that. I was feeling good after sticking to the main guys yesterday, but today’s feeling is even better.”

(Press release: www.movistarteam.com)