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Interview with Alejandro Valverde

Your cycling club has released a race for kids last Wednesday. What has the experience brought?

I’m super happy to support and organize an event of this kind, especially checking the illusion the children and parents have. I’m thrilled to see that the base of cycling is still beating even it has gone through a difficult time. The truth is I am proud to bring together so many people who enjoy this sport. The idea is to repeat it next year.??

Talking about Valverde Team, the project is growing step by step steps every season??

The team continues to grow each year. The main idea for the next season is to keep what we have (Valverde Team currently has junior and cadet teams and a school). If in the future we can grow even more jumping up to under 23, the better. Whenever I can, I will be supporting the base, because it is very important for the future of cycling.

What is your balance of 2016?

The balance is very good. I ran all three Grand Tours, I won seven races; including the Fleche-Wallonne and I finished third in the Giro d’Italia; with a stage win included. After, at the Tour de France I tried to help Nairo and managed to finish sixth. In the Tour of Spain, despite being my third race of three weeks, I was also there with Nairo.

Where did you feel better?

The best feelings I had were in the Tour de France. I was third in the Giro but I felt better in July.?

What do you think about the Giro after your debut in this race?

I loved it. Italian fans are amazing. The route, the organization … everything was great. I am pleased to have run, not only for the final result.??

Although you got very tired, you also had a positive part in your contest in the Tour of Spain

It is clear. To participate in my third Grand Tour and to get the win with Nairo also having a part in it, it is very important. It was funny to celebrate with the whole team a triumph of this level. I am very pleased to have contributed to that success.

Would you repeat again three Grand Tours in a same season?

No, I wouldn’t! Here I answer very quickly. It’s too much. This year we wanted to try, not to win; but to live the experience, but you can not do well at all. I’ve been through it and I think I will not repeat it.

Will you continue next year in Movistar Team?

Yes, I will. Next year I will stay at Movistar Team. It has not been signed yet but we’re about to do it. For 2017 I don’t have any objectives by now, just having health.