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Gold Medal for Alejandro Valverde

The Autonomous Community of Murcia delivered this Thursday their gold medals, in commemoration of the 34th anniversary of its Statute of Autonomy. This is an important award that recognizes the outstanding work in their respective fields of all the winners; a list that this year includes figures and institutions of the stature of Blood Donation Center, the Spanish Armada, the Association of Victims of Thalidomide, the painter Pedro Cano, the athlete Miguel Angel Lopez or Alejandro Valverde.

Pedro Antonio Sanchez, president of the Region, delivered this award to Valverde in a crowded Teatro Circo, emphasizing their “effort and conviction” to shine in the greatest races all over the world and wishing him the best in the next Olympics.

Meanwhile, Valverde was extremely pleased and grateful for an award that shows its attachment to the land where he has lived all his life and which show off in each of its international competitions. “Wherever I go I always say I’m from Murcia. We have a magnificent region to share with everyone”, he stressed.