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Alejandro’s declarations in Cáceres

Alejandro’s declarations in Cáceres

Now it’s time to go to the Tour

Here are Alejandro’s declarations after he won the title of Spanish Road Champions después de conseguir el título de campeón de España de fondo en carretera:

“I leave Cáceres with many good memories: it’s been a pleasant three days here, calm and relaxed… and I was able to get this victory! I don’t ride bad with strong heat, but it was a really extreme race today, just like when I won in Talavera. The Dauphiné was intense, difficult, but it left me really good form and we could profit from it today. The squad kept the race really under control and with every kilometer passing, it was clearer that we would finish with a bunch sprint. It was only a matter of giving it all at the appropriate time and contest the win.

“At the final meters, more than Jesús’ position, I was concerned about Barbero’s. It’s really difficult to look behind: you can only look for the finish, the rivals are strong, and even though I gave a look to my back, searching for my team-mate, I had to really give it all to secure the win. It was a finish that really suited me and I could use my top speed. Now it’s time to go to the Tour: I think we’re in really good form.”