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Alejandro closer to the red jersey

Alejandro closer to the red jersey

2nd in Los Lagos de Covadonga

Alejandro took the second place of the fifteenth stage of the 69th edition of the Vuelta a España, behind Polish rider Przemyslaw Niemiec, who won at the top of the Asturian climb after a long breakaway.

Alejandro crossed the finishing line 5 seconds ahead of Contador which, added to the 6 seconds he gained thanks to the bonuses, make him come closer to the his Spanish rival (31 seconds).

Alejandro’s quotes:

The team rode superbly, they were phenomenal. We took the front of the bunch into the first climb and we wanted to stay there in the beginning of the descent so we could avoid any troubles, since it was a really dangerous one. We were taking this easy, not risking any more than needed, but despite all of that, we suffered Castroviejo’s crash. The situation in the finale was ‘strange’, under quotations, because everyone did their own thing. They were always attacking: firstly one, then the other… Purito tried it in the final slopes, Alberto jumped away lots of times… Froome also rode like he used to in this race, looking not as strong as usual but still keeping the pace.

“I was a bit too optimistic yesterday when I attacked into the final climb, and I chose to stay more conservative today and do one last attack, in the final meters. It’s true that Froome would have been a bit more distanced is we cooperated better, but I wasn’t trusting neithwe Alberto nor Purito. With so many attacks from them two, I preferred to take the bonus into the sprint, as I did. The legs felt well today, but tomorrow’s stage is tremendous, hellish. It will be really hard, and I just hope that strength stays with us and not to have any problems like Castro’s again.”

Tomorrow: stage 16: Samartín del Rei Aurelio (Sotrondio)-La Farrapona (158,8 km).