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Alejandro makes the show in all the stages

Alejandro makes the show in all the stages

Another time going in the attack and even sprinting!

One more day Alejandro made the show on the roads of the Basque Country on the occasion of the fifth stage that took place today between Eibar and Markina-Xemein (160 km). We saw him attacking in the climb, in the descent and after such an effort he still had forces enough to participate in the sprint for stage victory which finally went to fast Team Sky rider Ben Swift

Alejandro’s quotes:
“There’s the two of us, Alberto and myself, fighting close to each other for the overall classification, with many others not far behind, and we have to take chances in every possible place. I tried to attack in San Miguel, we went away, but it was difficult – there was much headwind and they caught us into the final 2k of flat. It’s true that the contest looks more inclined towards the two of us, but still riders like Kwiatkowski or Evans can make it difficult for us, and tomorrow’s TT is a head one. Should the wind blow like today, it will be a head one in the beginning. The first climb is not so hard, but the second is rather demanding. The TT ends at the top of it, because the last descent is mainly a few straigths and it won’t make any difference – we could say it’s a 20km ride. The team was sensational – hats off to them, from the first day to the last one, they were always there and I can’t thank them enough. Let’s hope we can round off this with a victory tomorrow – we know it will be hard, but if I do, I’ll dedicate it to them.”

Tomorrow, decisive 25, 9 km ITT in Markina-Xemein.