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Alejandro achieved a great time trial at the Mont Saint Michel

Alejandro achieved a great time trial at the Mont Saint Michel

He remains second overall 3’25” behind Chris Froome

Alejandro’s quotes after he finished the time trial:

“I’m super happy. I think it was a good day as well for myself as for the team. We’ve got over of the most important days for us in this race, though it’s obvious that all mountains still ahead are serious and we have to give our best. Leaving Froome aside – all of us know he’s a step above the rest – I did quite the same times of the other main favourites, or even better. TT’s are suffering, suffering and suffering, even more when you have such a fast parcours – I made almost 52 kph average, and that proves it was a day for heavier guys, bigger specialists than I am, but I’m in good form and morale and things turned out well. It’s true that I didn’t have the best feelings at the start of the time trial. I might have been too still after warming up and that cost me losing a bit of time getting the nerves on. Still, the time references were good from the very start, and that made me more confident to give 100%. It’s my best-ever performance on flat TT’s in the Tour, completely sure.

“As I stated, Froome is one step above the rest, and though I’m always looking towards the top, I’m also paying attention at the other rivals – Mollema was the only one to put time on me, just seven seconds, which are nothing in 33km. I was faster than all the other guys: Alberto, Purito… I think that’s good. Now it’s time for three flat stages before the next mountains, but those won’t be easy at all. All days are hard at the Tour; that legend of easy days in France is false. There’s a 218km stage ahead tomorrow and we’ll have to stay attentive, protecting ourselves against the wind, staying away from crashes. The team has been superb so far – I always say it, but it’s crucial to have such great support beside me, and I must thank you all of them once again for that.”

(Press release: Movistar Team)