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Alejandro quits the Volta

Alejandro quits the Volta

As a consequence of a crash in the Catalan race

The victim of a crash together with his Italian teammate Eros Capecchi at km 119 of the 4th stage of the Volta a Catalunya, Alejandro, who was the leader of the overall ranking, had to give the race up.

The Spaniard fortunately suffered no important injury.

Alejandro’s quotes after his crash:

“Now that my body has warmed down, the thing that hurts me the most is my hip. All my left side has damages, but since I crashed, apart from feeling a bit dizzy, that part was the one that I suffered the most from. We knew that it was a tricky descent, but we were at the front, pushing. Capecchi crashed and I couldn’t avoid hitting him. It was a pretty hard impact, even more for him, because I almost fell over him. It seems like I’m not a lucky man when it comes to my Volta appearances. It’s true that I was lucky enough to win it in 2009, but last year I also had to retire, and I really thought about it afterwards. I’m furious because I was feeling strong and had chances to win, but the important thing is that we have no injuries, plus our main goals are still really far away. Everything was going on track, but this is cycling. I’m sad about myself, but above all, about my team-mates, because they were sensational during all these days, and even though things had got a bit more complicated in the first kilometers, they were doing an excellent piece of work. At least, Nairo showed that he’s capable leading the team, and made it to the front again. It’s truly sad because we were making a strong duo, both feeling well, and today’s was the key stage.”