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Alejandro takes place 6 in Barcelona

On the eve of the first rest day of the vuelta 2012, Alejandro took place 6 in stage 9.

After crossing the finish line this afternoon, he declared:  “The result was almost predictable: it was a dangerous finish, we were riding on full steam and I started the Montjuïc climb really far from the front, around the 60th or 70th position. I was overtaking people at the climb, almost dodging them, and I could make it to Contador and even attack with him at the climb, but Purito and Gilbert were already at front and it was hard to keep opening room at the downhill. I started sprinting with 300m from the finish and I could take those three seconds. I’m not worried about today’s attack because Purito is doing a great Vuelta and is a fair, deserved leader. The rest day will do good for us. I don’t know the Galician roads, but I know that’s a beautiful place and I hope to perform well and keep this form coming.”